Writer & Editor

  • Freelance writer and editor, Providence, RI
  • Former managing editor of the journal Voices in Urban Education, Annenberg Institute, Brown University
  • Other background: middle school science education; BA in biology, Harvard University; MBA, University of Rhode Island; social justice advocacy; years of residency and extensive travel in Latin America, Asia, and Europe
  • Currently working on: final revisions of a completed novel draft (a dark comedy drawing on previous work in consumer goods manufacturers); short fiction with speculative elements

Writing samples
What’s the Difference between a Chimpanzee, a Sewage Sludge Hauler, and My Mother? (Witches of Agnesi, 2008)
Who Owns Rain? (Witches of Agnesi, 2008)
Ambiguous Cherry Blossoms and Dangerous Space Junk (The Prompt Literary Magazine, Vol. 2, Issue 1, 2013)

Inquiries about freelance writing and editing: margaret.balch.gonzalez@gmail.com

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