Writer & Editor

Margaret Balch-Gonzalez is a writer, editor, and former science teacher living in Providence, Rhode Island. Most recently she worked as an editor of social science publications at Brown University. She has lived and traveled extensively in Europe, South America, and Asia and taught middle school science and English as a Second Language in Argentina, Ecuador, and Japan

Current projects: speculative short and novel-length fiction

When a peaceful, but socially awkward zombie shows up just wanting to go back to his old life, a well-meaning resident discovers that her community is not quite as welcoming as it imagines. 


Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association, Associate Member

What Cheer Writers Club, Providence, RI

Grub Street, Boston, MA

Creative nonfiction sample: Who Owns Rain? (Witches of Agnesi, 2008)

Writing exercise sample: Ambiguous Cherry Blossoms and Dangerous Space Junk (The Prompt Literary Magazine, Vol. 2, Issue 1, 2013)

Inquiries about freelance writing and editing: margaret.balch.gonzalez@gmail.com

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